The night before you start your new diet, do you find yourself having that favorite dish – you know, the one your sure you’ll never get to eat again?


I have and that one dish is…spaghetti. I have probably gained weight the night before I start a diet because of this and then I have to deprive myself of the foods I enjoy just to lose some weight? In my mind when I see the word “diet” – the only thing that comes to mind is deprivation. I have proven (and I’m sure others have too) over and over again that this does not work for long. So, when I “fall off the diet wagon” again, I not only gain back what I lost – I put on even more weight.

When does the madness stop? Isn’t insanity defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results? So, it’s time to get off this crazy train!

What I’ve come to realize, first thing, we need to get off the diet roller coaster – it’s not doing either of us any favors! Next, You and I need to rethink things – instead of “diet”, we should think in terms of  “lifestyle changes”. While I was getting my health coaching certification, the school introduced a new concept (new to me) – instead of taking foods away – just add in healthier foods – for example, having a small salad with your evening meal.

Along the way, I’ve learned a few other tricks. Let’s take my spaghetti for example, instead of pasta, I use carrots and zucchini now or a spaghetti squash and these substitutes, while they aren’t pasta, turn out to be still quite yummy. Yes, I realize it isn’t quite the same but there are compromises to be made to support a healthier lifestyle.

My advice, take it one step at a time. And guess what, all those little steps will add up to big successes!

In following posts, I will share more about the small steps we can take in making big successes in our healthy lifestyle makeovers!