Look at the sea shells,
they make the journey
from the ocean to the shore.
The crashing waves toss them about
and when they make it to the beach
how did they turn out?
Which survived without a scratch?
How many were broken or cracked?
We see these shells in the sand.
Which ones do we pick out?
Do we only search for the perfect ones
and let the others lay about?
How sad is it that we don’t see the
perfection in the ones that are flawed?
That still have beauty to share
if only we would take a glance.
Their journeys may have been difficult
but God got them through –
so we could be reminded
that there are people who are on this same journey too.
They are tossed through this world
and feel like no one cares because
they aren’t the pretty ones who get noticed in the world’s affairs.
Their journeys have been such an ordeal.
How must it feel?
Let’s pick them up and see the beauty that they reveal
instead of that outer shell that covers up the pain that’s real.
Let’s help them find the way to heal.
God is there to pick up the pieces.
He will mend their broken hearts.
We may be the only light they see
that points the way to the One who will set them free!

Scripture Reference: Psalm 147:3